Privacy policy


When you perform a purchase on our boutique, as part of our process of purchase and of sale, we gather personal information that you give us, such as your name, your address and your address e-mail.

When you sail our boutique, we receive also automatically the address of Internet protocol (address IP) of your computer, which allows us to get more details about the navigator and the operating system which you use.

Marketing by e-mail (if necessary): With your permission, we could send you e-mails about our boutique, new products and about other updates.


How do you get my consent?

When you give us your personal information to conclude a transaction, to prove your credit card, to place an order, to plan a delivery or to turn a purchase, we presume that you agree that we gather your information and in the fact that we used them to this end only.

If we ask you to give us your personal information for another reason, for aims of marketing for example, we will ask you directly for your explicit consent, or we will give you the possibility of refusing.

How can I withdraw my consent?

If having given us your consent, you change the mind and do not agree any more that we could contact you, gather your information or disclose them, you can notify us of it by contacting us incontact@zenbouddha.com.


We can disclose your personal information if law makes us make it or if you violate our General terms of Sale and of Use.


Our boutique is accommodated on Shopify Inc. They give us the deck e-trade online who allows us to sell you our services and products.

Your data are stocked in the system of stocking of data and databases of Shopify, and in the general application of Shopify. Your data are kept on a reassured server protected by a firebreak.


If you accomplish your purchase by means of a footbridge of direct payment, in that case Shopify will stock your information of credit card. This information is estimated in accordance with the norm of security of data established by the industry of direct debit cards (norm PCI-DSS). Information relating to your transaction of purchase is kept as long as essentials to finalise your order. Once your finalised order, information relating to the transaction of purchase is abolished.

All footbridges of direct payment respect the norm PCI-DSS, managed by the advice of the norms of security PCI, which results from the joint effort of firms such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Requirements of norm PCI-DSS allow to assure the treatment reassured by the data of credit cards by our boutique and by its contractors.

For more information, please consult the Conditions of Use of Shopify here or the Politics of Confidentiality here.


In a general way, the third suppliers whom we use are going only to gather, use and disclose your information in the measure of essentials to be able to accomplish services that they should give us.

However, some third service suppliers, as the footbridges of payment and other processors of transactions of payment, have their own politics of confidentiality as for the information which we are required to give them for your transactions of purchase.

As regards these suppliers, we recommend you to read attentively their politics of confidentiality so that you could understand the way they will treat your personal information.

You should not forget that some suppliers can be located or have installations located in a jurisdiction different from yours or from ours. Therefore if you decide to follow a transaction which requests the services of a third supplier, your information could then be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which this supplier is or those of the jurisdiction in which his installations are located.

For example, if you are located in Canada and that your transaction is treated by a footbridge of payment located in the United States, information belonging to you which was used to conclude transaction would be possible be disclosed by virtue of the legislation of the United States, including Patriot Act.

Once you leave the site of our boutique or once you are re-run to the site web or the application of a third, you are any more governed by the present Politics of Confidentiality nor by the General terms of Sale and of Use of our site web.


You could be led to leave our site web by clicking on present some links on our site. We take no responsibility as for the practices of confidentiality exercised by these other sites and recommend you to read attentively their politics of confidentiality.


To protect your personal data, we take reasonable precautions and follow the best practices of industry to assure us that they are not lost, diverted, consulted, disclosed, changed or destroyed in an inappropriate way.

If you give us your information of credit card, they will be estimated by means of the use of the protocol of security SSL and kept with an encoding of type AES-256. Although no method of transmission on Internet or of electronic stocking is sure in 100 %, we follow all requirements of norm PCI-DSS and implement additional norms generally admitted by industry.


Here is a list of files witnesses whom we use. We listed them here so that you have the possibility of choosing if you want to allow them or not.

_session_id, unique identifier of session, allows to Shopify to stock information relating to your session (referent, page of dismissal, etc.).

_shopify_visit, any discreet data, persist during 30 minutes since the last visit. Used by the internal system of monitoring of the statistics of the supplier of our site web to record the number of visits.

_shopify_uniq, any discreet data, expire at midnight (according to the site of the visitor) next day. Calculate the number of visits of a boutique by unique client.

cart, unique identifier, persists during 2 weeks, stocks the information relating to your basket of purchase.

_secure_session_id, unique identifier of session

storefront_digest, unique, indeterminate identifier if the boutique has a password, it is used to know if the current visitor has access.


By using this site, you declare that you are at least the age old of the majority in your State or province of residence, and that you gave us your consent to allow every person of age minor to your load to use this site web.


We reserve the right to change the present politics of confidentiality any time, therefore please please consult it often. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publication on the site web. If we bring changes in the contents of this politics, we will notify you here that it was updated, so that you know which information we gather, the way we use them, and in which circumstances we disclose them, if need be to make it.

If our boutique makes the object of an acquisition by or of a fusion with another firm, your information could be transferred to the new owners so that we could continue selling you products.


If you wish: achieve in, correct, change or abolish any personal information which we have on your subject, to lodge a complaint, or if you simply want to have more information, contact our agent responsible for norms of confidentiality incontact@zenbouddha.com .