Ring mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" Silver

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silver Ring engraved with one of the most famous mantra of 6 syllables of the buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" it says " compassion "

Om Mani PadmeHumis the mantra buddhist the most widely used.It is open to all those who feel inspired to practice it to develop great love and compassion. 

Her story:

once, Shakyamuni Buddha dwelt in the monastery of Anathapindika, to Cast down Grove, with his disciples.He has presented the house with this great mantra of six syllables, and said: "This is the mantra the most beneficial, even though I made this aspiration to all the million buddhas and that I have received this mantra of the Buddha Amitabha".

The meaning of this mantra is:

Om: is composed of three letters, A, U, M;these symbolize the body exalted, pure, speech, and mind of a buddha.

Mani: means jewel, symbolizes the method, the great compassion and loveJust as a jewel is capable of fulfilling the external needs of sentient beings, similarly, love and compassion are able to meet the domestic needs of sentient beings.

Padme: meaning lotus, symbolizes wisdom,Just as a lotus grows from mud but is not contaminated by the mud, similarly, the wisdom "thehas supreme knowledge" is cultivated from the ordinary mind, but not polluted by thoughts common.

Hum: indicates the union.The union of method and wisdom leads to the body exalted, pure, speech, and mind of enlightened beings.

Thus the six syllables,Om Ma ni Pad Me Hum, mean that by the practice of a path which is a union of love and compassion with wisdom, you can transform your body, your word and your spirit impure in body, speech and mind exalted of a buddha,

This mantra is the great manifestation of love and compassion,

This ring will help you develop love and compassion to make your life full of meaning.In addition, the mantra engraved can bring healing and can be used as a prayer for another to be sensitive.

Inside the ring is engraved with the lotus flower, sacred to.

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Features :
  • Materials : 925 sterling Silver
  • Weight: 10.2 g
  • Mixed (man, woman)



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