Amethyst Purity Ring

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This ring was made by an art lapidary.His know-how (selection of stones, the size, adjustment of stones) consisting of an extreme technical precision of the gesture associated with the search for perfection, allows this craftsman to express all his creativity and admire the magnificent result.


Benefits of amethyst:

Amethyst is a natural stone,symbol of wisdom, humility, sincerity and strength. It helps with meditation and opens the connection with the divine. She purifies the aura and rebalances the energies of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies by acting on the Chakras. It helps to better manage events, to better manage control your emotions and give courage.

Amethyst has the virtue of purifying the atmosphere of the places where it is located. It brings relaxation and serenity. Placed in a bedroom, it protects from nightmares and makes our dreams more intuitive.

Worn in jewelry, amethyst protects from negative influences throughout the day. It is a stress barrier and she purifies negative environmental energies.


  • Metals: stainless steel
  • Stone: Amethyst and 4 cubs Zircons of Cambodia

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