Natural stone earrings (5 stones of your choice)

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Natural stone ball earrings:

Lapis lazuli
Rose Quartz
Which stones suit you?
Amethyst:Stone of harmony and introspection
Symbol of theserenityand somebalanced, the sincerity, the wisdom, and the temperance. It acts against stress, it dissolves anxiety, Calm anxiety, develops memory  and promotes sleep.She do away with negative thoughts.
 It relieves headaches, nervous tension, helps fight addictions to alcohol, tobacco and drugs and it is useful during withdrawal.
chakras: Third eye, coronal
Lapis lazuli:Stone of creativity, good humor and shared joy.
Symbol of the tenderness, and  happiness, this stone stimulates intelligence  and theimagination, finesse, and creativity.
Lapis Lazuli  restores self-confidence  and encourage to take the control of his life.
It gives personality  honesty, righteousness and compassion.  Brings deep peace to nervous or anxious people.
Considered by the Egyptians as a travel stone for the souls of the deceased, it allows, in a word, the overcoming of preconceived ideas, difficulties and internal conflicts.
This stone promotes both the identification of our nodes and the openness of mind necessary to develop solutions leading to their outcome..
This stone fights migraines, allergies, asthma, calms coughs and sneezes, strengthens the throat and thyroid.
chakras: Third eye, crown
Aventurine: Stone of serenity and self-confidence.
This stone promotes  clear ideas  and brings apositive visionof life.Adventurine is the stone of creativity and determination. It promotes free will, freedom of thought, well-being and self-confidence.
Faced with life's changes, she helps make decisions,  to cope with complicated situations, to overcome heartache.
It helps fight insomnia linked to stress.
chakras: Heart
The tiger eye:Freedom of thought stone
It is a stone which gives dynamism, contact help  with others, encourage friendship.
 The tiger eye also gives greatindependence of mind, autonomy, freedom to think, with great strength of character,self-confidenceand a lot of flexibility.
He fights frozen thoughts. he  therefore allows you to dare and move forward, to evolve.
 She has a mirror effect: she returns negative energies  where they come from.
chakras: Solar plexus
Rose Quartz:Stone of love, tenderness, calm and rest
Radiant with love and tenderness, he brings softness, harmony and serenity. This stone reassures, soothes and heals emotional wounds  the most painful (heartache).
 She  helps you love and accept yourself  as we are, open your heart, this is where stone of forgiveness.
 She makes the heart receptive, makes you particularly confident for children and adolescents.
chakras: Heart

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Characteristics :

  • Materials: Semi-precious stone
  • Size: 12 x 12 mm
  • Weight: 13.5g



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