Natural stone bracelet (12 stones to choose from)

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Discover among these bracelets, the stone that suits you the most!!

Each bracelet is mounted on an elastic thread of 24 natural stone beads.


Virtues and benefits of each stone:

Pink Quartz:

The pink Quartz symbolizes appeasement. This is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is excellent in caseof crisis or trauma, as it has calming and reassuring effects.

Chakra associated:Chakra of the heart and Chakra of the throat.


Howlite brings well-being, unravels the mind andharmonizes negative energies.This stone is very effective in relaxing and boosting intellectual faculties, the ability to exchange and understand.

Associated Chrakra:Sacred Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Agate foam: 

The foam agate brings peace, calm and relaxationIt frees fear, brings life back to life, helps to take new initiatives and promotes change.

It is also a communication stone

Chakra associated:Chakra of the heart. 


Rooting stone to the earth. It anchors inconsistent people in a more stable and helpwiths self-controlself-control. Gives strength, and supports in difficult situations and during the period of immense mental or physical stress. It allows us to find a solution during an upheaval in our lives, whether positive or negative. It also allows you to take control of your future.

In mediation, it captures the information we are looking for.

Chakra associated:Chakra root.


Stone positive, peace, optimism, trust and friendship.

It is a positive, optimistic stone that allows us to discern right from wrong. It restores cheerfulness to sad and depressed people. It protects from dreams of anguish and nightmares. It isloane our aura of negative influences and vibrations, unsettling and can even absorb them. Turquoise lifts the spirit to the sky. It is also a powerful protective stone and a sacred stone in many countries.

Chakra associated: Chakra of the heart and Chakra of the throat.


Beneficial stone in the combating anxieties and negative energies. It strengthens the immune system and promotes the expression of feelings. Symbolically, it represents the protection and the fight against negative energy, its element is the earth.

Malachite absorbs negative energies. It can be placed on all energy centres, stimulate the flow of energy and eliminate blockages.

Chakra associated: Chakra of the heart.


The moonstone symbolizes the candour of the child. This stone is virtuous, unmischievous, spontaneous and naturally good.

She promotes open-mindedness and fades the fear of the other. She produces harmony, balance and removes our anxieties. It is ideal for children because it provides them with insurance. 

Chakra associated: Throat Chakra

Cherry Quartz:

Cherry quartz is a derivative of the pink quartz there soothes tortured and hardened hearts, it calms and heals deep emotional wounds. It stimulates love and friendship, and helps forgiveness. This stone is particularly effective for develop self-esteem.

Chakra associated: Chakra du Heart


The tiger's eye is one of the largest protective stones and it is also considered the emblem of the'affirmation of his faith values that are defended.

She has a mirror effect, it reflects negative energies to its transmitter. It is a stone filled with heat and security. It sharpens our thoughts about matter. She bringsenergy, dynamism and a sense of friendship. It also provides freedom of thought and self-confidence.

Associated Chakras: Chakra of the solar plexus, Chakra of the base and sacred Chakra.


The Stone of the Sun symbolizes the source of light, warmth and life.

It dispels all melancholy and brings warmth, optimism and joie de vivre. It is effective against lack of strength and depression. It brings tranquillity, paix of the soul of us conveys a positive attitude. It drives away complexities, shyness and uncertainty. It is also a good telepathic amplifier.

Chakra associated: Chakra from the base.


The Jadeis the symbol of purity and wisdom, but also of power and harmony. 

This stone stimulates the awakening of hidden knowledge and promotes meditation. Jade lets negative thoughts go soothes the mind, helping to harmonize the mind with the body.

In Chinese culture, Jade symbolizes honor and virtue. He possesses the five cardinal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. The Jade is a protective stone that removes evil from its wearer, and attracts luck and friendship.

Chakra associated: Chakra of the heart.

Obsidian snowflake:

This is the stone spontaneity, openness of the heart to others.

It chases mental frustration, illusions, myths, fantasies and helps to eliminate fears, to accept reality, while giving new impetus.

It's a very balanced stone between the spiritual and the material. It broadens the soul's consciousness, allowing it to grow and prosper.
During meditation, it protects, facilitates concentration and anchoring.

Associate ChakraIn: Chakra root.


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  • Materials: Semi-precious stone 
  • Bracelet size: 18-20 cm mounted on an elastic
  • Diameter of stone beads: 8 mm
  • Heart pendant size: 20 mm

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