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Take advantage of the power of stones !!!

Magnificent bracelet "Buddha" composed of 24 pearls of stone and 1 pearl of zinc alloy representing the head of Buddha.

Malachite is the rock of all shocks As the guardian of the emotional sphere, the malachite allows perfect management of our emotions even in the face of the greatest pains of life. It strengthens us in the difficult times when our emotions, our sorrows, could prevent us from assuming our daily responsibilities. Strong and stable, it allows us to elevate our ideals and never turn away from them. Pierre beneficial in the struggle desangoisses and negative energies, she disappears the inhibitions.
It creates too strong emotions and promotes the expression of feelings. Above all, it is famous for its ability to alleviate pain, especially that related to joint problems such as osteoarthritis or inflammation. It strengthens the immune system. It is very useful against the cramps, the stiffness of the members due to inflammations or conditions.


HOWLITE, Peter of patience, of self-control

It is very useful for relaxation and meditation.

Act on mood swings. Dispose of all nervous tension and daily stress.
It deates negative energies.
It acts on understanding others, it promotes leniency and forgiveness. Makes sense of responsibility, and dispels fear, it stabilizes.
Howlite helps us to remain understanding of ourselves.
It is very useful in diets, has a draining effect on the body.


THIRD PARTY, Pierre de la liberté de thought

It is a stone that gives dynamism, helps in contact with others, encourages friendship.
The tiger eye also gives great independence of mind, autonomy, freedom to think, with great strength of character, self-confidence and a lot of flexibility.
He fights the frozen thoughts. It thus allows to oser and advance, to evolve.
It has a mirror effect: it returns negative energies from where they come from


TURQUOISE, Pierre de la protection et de la serité.

La Turquoise is a Peter of Life and good fortune. It acts against shyness, excessive emotionality, and brings strength and courage to the person who wears it.
Pierre de calme et de serité, elle protects our entourage from our own negative energies and repels those of others, which makes us more pleasant, and improves our relational.      
It protects against accidents, and physical attacks.
It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, and anti-pain, put directly on the area to be treated.


CRISTAL, Pierre of serenity and natural wisdom

It is a stone of energy and comfort.
It provides calm and harmony.
It helps to learn, clarifies thoughts, ideas.
It promotes understanding. She is fighting the indecision.
Roche's crystal is effective in all areas. It removes energy and emotional blockages.
It promotes memory and imagination.


QUARTZ ROSE, Pierre de l' amour, de la tenderresse, du calme 

With love and tenderness, it brings softness, harmony and serenity. This stone reassures, apaise and heals the most painful affective wounds (chagrins of love).
It helps to love and to accept as you are, opens the heart, it is the stone of forgiveness.
It makes the heart receptive, giving particular confidence to the child and the teenager.


RHODONITE, Pierre de la tolerance et du calme

Rhodonite has a tonic effect, without energy. It softens the character, the nervousness and the intolerance, while teaching us listening. It strengthens emotional ties.
Peter the wounds of the soul and the body. Allows to forgive and release internalized grudges and colères due to heart punishments, vexations or provocations. Calm jealousy, anxieties and stress.  Help resolve conflicts, communicate constructively to get out of the relational impasse. It relieves the emotional, the fear, the constant concern and the anxieties.
On the physical side, it treats wounds, wounds, shocks, trauma. It is good for the lower belly.
It protects us from harmful radiation (television, computer).


LAPIS LAZULI, Peter of Creativity, Good Mood and Joy 

Symbol of tenderness, and happiness, this stone stimulates intelligence and imagination, finesse of mind, and creativity.
Lapis lazul i restore self-confidence and encourage control of life.
It gives personality honesty, righteousness and compassion. Bring a deep peace to the nervous or anxious people.

This stone promotes both the identification of our knots and the openness of mind necessary to develop solutions leading to their outcome.


AMÉTHYSTE, Pierre d' harmony et de l' introspection

Symbol of serenity and balance, sincerity, wisdom, and temperance. She acts against stress, dissolves anxiety, calms anxieties, develops memory and promotes sleep.  It disappears negative thoughts.
It relieves headaches, nervous tensions, helps fight addictions to alcohol, drugs, and is useful during weaning.


PIERRE DE LAVE, Pierre de la transformation et d' rooted.

The lava stone from the volcanic flows contains the purifying energy of the fire. It invites us to transform and acts on the unconscious problems of karma. It brings strength and protection, and eliminates old patterns. It allows us to move forward, to make progress and to look to the future with serenity.
It is a very 'earth to earth' stone that anchors us strongly to the earth and brings stability to the difficult situations.

The black lava purifies and rebalances all the chakras

Take advantage of the mini prize, share it with your family and friends 😍


Length of the bracelet approximately 18-23 cm




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