"Harmonization of the 7 Chakras" stone bracelet

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This bracelet composed of 7 natural stones representing the 7 Chakras (Amethyst, White Quartz, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Cornaline and Red Jaspe) will go to you allowbalancing and harmonizing the energy centers of your 7 Chakras

By wearing it, you enjoy the vibrational energies of minerals And also enjoy their virtues.

The 7 Chakras

1 - The Root Chakra

The first chakra is located at the perineum and tailbone. It corresponds to our life force, our survival instinct and our physical and material security. It is the basic chakra, the one that creates the coherence of the other six. Its element is the Earth and represents an anchor in the material world in which we live. As such, it relates to our ability to have your feet on the ground and manage everyday life particularly in terms of money.

Its color, red, stimulates sexuality, vital energy and the ability to be anchored. As such, it is not recommended for a nursery but will support a teenager. In some cultures red, the symbol of reproduction, is the colour of marriage.

2 - The Sacred Chakra

The second chakra is located just below the navel. It corresponds to our deep identity, our joie de vivre, and our emotional serenity. Its element is water. It represents flexibility, sociability and friendliness. 

Its color, orange, stimulates our identity, our self-knowledge and our desire to move forward.

3 - The Solar Chakra

The third chakra is located at the level of the solar plexus, above the stomach, at the junction of the ribcage. It corresponds to the seat of theself-assertion, self-power and negative emotions. In excess, it creates an excessive ego and an excessive search for power over the other.

Its colour, yellow,stimulates our joie de vivre, our self-confidence and our ability to find our place and shine like a sun. Its element is fire.

4 - The Chakra of the Heart

The fourth chakra is located at the heart level in the center of the chest. It correspond to self-love and others, unconditional love, love of the universe. To vibrate fully in this dimension, however, it means freeing oneself from the emotional plane of the solar chakra and in particular from the non-love of self.

Its colour, green, stimulates our ability to love unconditionally, to receive this universal love and to live in peace, in forgiveness. It is the color of nature, generous and abundant.

5 - The Laryngé Chakra

The fifth chakra is located at the throat. It corresponds to the communication, creativity, self-expression and the ability to guide others. It is also related to hearing and allows us to listen to our inner guides. We're talking about a clear audience. It is also the seat of judgment.

Its color, blue, stimulates our ability to communicate, whether in expression or listening, whether for its inner world or in relation to the outside and others.

In case of angina or sore throat, it is advisable to wear a blue scarf or scarf to stimulate the chakra and facilitate healing.

6 - The Frontal Chakra

The sixth chakra is located at the eyebrows between the two eyes. This is the third eye of knowledge found in many cultures. It corresponds to the consciousness, vision of life, divine intuition, clarity and unity. It connects us with the immaterial form of creation. It brings the wisdom and discernment that transform our inspiration into a gift of foresight.

Its color, indigo blue, stimulates our capacity for perception, develops our intuition and clarifies our mind, leading us to righteous actions. Properly stimulated, this chakra will calm the people around you. Located beyond time between the two cerebral hemispheres, it can slow down aging.

7 - The Coronal Chakra

The seventh chakra is located on the top of the skull. There, passes the direct connection with the divine and the guides. It is the place of the haloes of the saints and the fontanelle of the newborns. It represents theself-fulfillment and connects us to the divine essence of the universe. It hunts fear and brings fullness to self-realization. 

Its color, purple, stimulates spiritual awakening, connection to the divine and the ability to be one with the universe.

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  • Materials: Semi-precious Amethyst stone, white quartz, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, cornaline, red jasper.
  • Pendants of the 7 symbols representing the chakras
  • Diameter of stones: 8 mm
  • Elastic wire
  • Length: 20 cm

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