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This beautiful magnetic bracelet woman magnet therapy coordinates with all of your outfits!

A beautiful bracelet of natural medicine stones, purple zirconia.
Each link present in contact with the skin, magnets of samarium deliver 1200 Gauss on your body for your well being.

The magnetic bracelets have three essential actions :
- They give you a general well-beingand acalm
interior, soothing your stress
- They regulate your terrain and you give an energy
- They provide joint comfort
Mainly recognized in Japan and the United States,magnet therapyis in full development in France. It uses the magnets for therapeutic purposes to help our body torestore our electromagnetic balancedisrupted by our environment. Its action is based on increasing the blood circulation which results in better supply our cells with oxygen, vitamins and minerals and a better elimination of waste.

Enjoy soon the benefits of this bracelet:

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💞 Here is the 10 benefits:💞

1.pain Relief

bracelets, magnetic, and other methods of magnetic therapy are used to treat and relieve pain, especially muscle and joint pains such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic pain and muscle stiffness. They also help to relieve post-operative pain.

2. Anti-inflammatory

efficacy of magnetic therapy has been proven in reducing the swelling and the pain associated with inflammation. The magnetic bracelets are especially popular in the treatment of muscle and joint pain and in the management of inflammation associated with arthritis.

3.Regulation of the cardiovascular

treatments, magnetic improve blood flow by their interaction with the content of iron in the red blood cells. The improved blood circulation in turn increases the intake of oxygen, the disposal of toxic waste and enhances the natural healing process of the body.

4.Magnetic Stimulation Trans-cranial (SMT)

is a new technique of magnetic therapy in experimental, which uses powerful magnetic fields to stimulate the brain surface. The clinical research in this area is focused around its potential in the treatment of severe depression as well as schizophrenia and epilepsy.

5. Stress-release

magnetic therapy is relevant to help relieve the stress and relieve depression. It strengthens in the individual the sense of well-being.

6. Firming silhouette

magnetic therapy comes to the aid of people who are working to lose weight and improve their silhouette.

7. Energy

research have shown that people experience an increase in their energy levels, after having undergone the magnetic therapy. Strength and endurance are optimized.

8. Peaceful sleep and relaxing

healthy individuals and insomniacs were found to have experienced an improvement in their quality of sleep for some and a facility to sleep for the other, after a magnetic treatment. The magnets act on the nervous system to promote a full relaxation during sleep.

9. Skin care

The use of magnetic objects promotes a better hydration, and contributes to the improvement of the texture of the skin and to the maintenance of the hair.

10. Advantages digestive

The magnets are also in the digestion to facilitate the process. The treatment protects it from digestive disorders.


Length 21.0 cm - 22.0

Weight 17.8 g


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