Black Obsidian Bracelet

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This Obsidian stone bracelet combines beauty and power. By wearing this jewel, you benefit from the vibrational energies of minerals and benefit from its virtues.

Benefits of Black Obsidian:
 Spiritual and mental level:

Black obsidian is of great importance in lithotherapy. Concrete, obsidian is a solid link with Mother Earth.
protectress, it plays a role of powerful shield against negative energies. It is the stone of absolute Yin and Yang balance.
 The obsidian will allow to get to the bottom of ourselves, to reveal our personality, our buried memories, masked by too much parental authority, by too strict education.

Stone of great spirituality, obsidian is the seat of all positive energies and radiates its protection. The black obsidian promotes the elevation of the soul, the expansion of the aura towards the upper layers of the spiritual. Obsidian should be handled with care and respect.

 Our bracelets are produced with the utmost care in order to respect the nature and quality of the mineral.

Maintenance / Reloading

The black obsidian is a stone which is not programmed and which does not purify itself because it removes all bad energies

To recharge it, you must place the bracelet on a heap of quartz, and under the full moon or in full sun. The obsidian likes his inner light to be reached.

Characteristics :

  • Pearl diameter: 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm / 14 mm / 16 mm
  • Materials: Semi-precious stone Obsidian Black
  • Elastic

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