Obsidian Bracelet Hawk Eye and Hematite

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This Braceletprotectionin Obsidian, Falcon's Eye and Hematite combines the most powerful protective stones. It's a gem mixed, unique and completefor'perfect association between its virtues  and its sublime colors.

The black obsidian

She is reputed to be The very powerful protective stone, very effective for repel harmful energies.

Obsidian brings a certain mental balance, offering power and courage  allowing you to feel liberated.

Finally, obsidian allows you to rise to a high spiritual level.

Hawk eye

Protective stone, traditionally worn as a talisman against curses.

It highlights the integrity and  helps the wearer to reach his goals.

The hawk's eye helps release the stress,  it alleviates depressionand elevate the state of mind. 

It stimulates and invigorates the physical body, particularly effective in eliminating patterns of oppressive and negative thinking.


Hematite is particularly effective foranchor and protect.  This stone harmonizes the mind, body and spirit, and dispels negativity. It raises the Self respect, strengthen it will and reliability,  she communicates the trust.

She allows to  lutter against any form of excess(yourbagism, bulimia ...).

This gem gives  courage, strength, endurance and vitality. 

It soothes fears, promotes restful sleep and good recovery of the body.


Wear this Bracelet and you will immediately feel a feeling of inner strength invading you. You will be armed with a real shield against any negative energy.

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Characteristics :

  • Materials: Black Obsidian Stone / Hawk Eye / Hematite
  • Pearl size: 6mm
  • Bracelet size: 19cm to 23cm
  • Mixed model

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