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Choose your bracelet according to the month of your birth, because every month of the year is a stone.
Each room is unique. It consists of a silver 925 bracelet and a delicate stone pearl.
Do you know that all stones have different benefits?
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The stone is used as Lucky charm For thousands of years Blood red, related to the heart, symbolizes the energy of lifecourageAlsoCoordinates of love They say it's here A stone of strength, courage, courage, and perseverance.


The result of image retrieval is Pierre Armstrong

This is a stone Keep pain and suffering away

However, it is also a mysterious stone, which can connect the spirit.

At night, it will make interstellar travel, beyond dreams and fantasies.

But it's also a stoneBalance and harmony With whom calm Anxiety and worry


Martian sea

Navy sharp stone and Navy sharp stone image search results

This gem symbolizes Gentle, gentle, sensitive

she calm And call for liberation and expansion.


April crystal

Search for images for & quot Pierre Crystal & QUT.

This gem isExcellent contemplation stone increases visionPage: 1It enhances the power of other stonesThat's why it's recommended to use stone crystal for all stones.

Agate Green Agate

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Agate is a stone, which can help to take root in life. It can make people live.Balance moodPsychologically, she would do the same. Regulating mood Overcome depression, depression and dark thoughts

Tranquil stoneThis will be a perfect meditation session.We can use agate Strengthen self-confidence and fight shyness.


Moonstone in June

Image search results of Moonstone and Moonstone

This stoneEncourage intuition and sensitivity, while removing the lock. she Advancement of women Such as soft, responsive and effective treatment of menstrual pain.

Moonstone Protection and opportunity generally speaking


July Rose Quartz

Pierre quartz rose & search results of quot imageQuartz rose symbolLove

Crystal for cleaning the heartPeace and inner peacePage: 1 By helping to restore calm, rose quartz can restore harmony with the environment.

Negative energy is absorbed and replaced The vibration of peace, love and compassion



The image search result is & quot Pierre Tourmaline & QUT;

This stone breakwaterInactive Environmental ScienceAnd static electricity.

Traditionally And protect nightmares There are groundless concerns


Tiger eye September

Tiger eye image search results

This is aEnergy stoneWe are looking for Protection cover At the same time, the stone of instinct, the stone of balance Dispel worries And too much emotion Restore self-confidence Let's return to spontaneity and answer.

Tiger's eyes belong toBeautifying energy Used to rebuild defense and dispel bad vibrations



Search for images for Pierre & Pierre & quette.

This stone Give me a clear view It is regarded as a kind of happiness, also known as a kind of happiness. Stone of hope

She has attributes. SedativeIt can also stimulate thinking and promote sleep.

Opal A symbol of tender loveSo it brings the mind closer.



Image search results are Pierre quette

Lemon is a Sunny Stone Bring happiness and a happy lifePage: 1 It keeps people away from worry and anxiety, makes people eager to take action, look out, and increase friendship and relationship.

This is a stone Strengthen intuition, allowing opportunities to be seized Bring wealth But it's also exciting Sharing desire.


December - lapis lazuli

Image search results are Pierre lazuli

This stoneInspiring feelings and emotional expression.
Communication with others thus facilitates communication with others. Friendship and love
Through the purification of mind, razuli rabbit stimulates the awakening of super sensory ability, and brings one of the keys of spiritual realization and spiritual realization. protect Against mental attack


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