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The natural stones that make up these bracelets have been meticulously polished to get a round shape.

These bracelets are handcrafted. Careful assembliesthe beads, of the same size, form a semi-precious stone bracelet of a absolute purity with unique properties.

Wearing a stone beaded bracelet can also be used to enjoy all the benefits of minerals, both in terms of vibrational energies and in terms of health stones in lithotherapy.

The bracelets can be worn alone or associated with other stones. Collect, strengthen, associate these bracelets will make you take full advantage of the many benefits.

Here are a few examples:

- Obsidian/ Howlite / Hematite = Protection and Harmony
- Labradorite / Carnelian / Tiger eye = Courage and Protection
- Tiger eye / Amazonite = Serenity and Balance and Shield against Negative Energy
- Labradorite / Lapis lazuli = Happiness and Protection
- Pink Quartz / Amethyst = Happiness and Serenity
- Obsidian / Hematite / Lapis lazuli = Protection and Positivity and Combativeness



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Balance, Tenderness, Appeasement

Stone that calme, relaxes, brings serenity and harmonizes Feelings. When we experience trials, amazonite helps to alleviate our physical symptoms and purify us.

Pink Quartz:

Love, Tenderness, Calm

Pink quartz brings happiness in love. Perfect for healing broken hearts, pink quartz awakens thetenderness and strengthens our sensitivity. This stimulates artistic creativity.

Lapis lazuli:

Happiness, Self-Confidence, Honesty

Lapis lazuli Acts Positively on the mind, promotes meditation and introspection, and deepens our SincerityThis consolidates theHarmony in our relationships.


Serenity, Harmony, Relieves Anxiety

Amethyst is the perfect spiritual stone that strengthens intuition, concentration and attention. This calms concerns, anxieties and anger. It's a balm for nerves.


Intuition, Patience, Self-Control

Howlite detoxifies the body and soul. This great internal clean-up allows us, on the one hand, to love us more, then from us open up to othersThis teaches us how Patience to them and shows us how to better listen to them.

Tiger Eye:

Dynamism, Self-Confidence, Protection

The stone ofTiger Eyeenergy has the properties of a mirror.
She returns negative energies to its transmitter.
On the energy front, he talks self-confidence And Balance yin and yang while charging energy to the emotional body


Friendship, protection, serenity

Very protectivelabradorite is a major barrier against negative energies. This helps to banish fears and feelings of insecurity. Labradorite is a useful companion when changing, conferring strength and perseverance.


Joy of living, Confidence, Communication

The cornaline strengthens the connection with life and makes us more receptive to his energies. This gives us a Cheer up Of the Tenacity and Perseverance and helps us live here and now.

Black Obsidian: 

Protection, Balance, Liberation

The black obsidian helps to work our 'dark side' and to face his true self.
It highlights hidden factors and amplifies negative energies so that they are tested and then released. Pierre deProtection She repels negativity and harmful thoughts.


Protection, Anchor, Will

The Hematite stone is the symbol stone of the Progress, from theCommitment, and the Fighting spirit.
It is associated with the pursuit of goals and the strength to fightE to reach them.
By dispelling negativity it prevents negative energies from penetrating the aura, restoring peace and harmony of the body.

Indian Agate: 

Strength, Courage, Confidence

The Indian agate is beneficial for children, it builds self-confidence, courage, perseverance and dispels fears. Keeps some stability.  It is also an anchor stone.



    • Materials: Semi-precious stones
    • 2 sizes Men and Women 
    • Pearl size: 8mm

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