Bracelet " Harmonization & Force " In stone of Hématite

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Magnificent bracelet of 7 chakras in Hématite

The stone of Hématite Is the symbol Progress, commitment, and combativeness.
It is associated with the pursuit of objectives and the strength to fight to achieve them.

To do this, she Conveys the necessary energy and courage In difficult times. 

By Dispelling Negativity prevents negative energies from penetrating the aura, restoring peace and harmony of the body.

Its soothing virtues contribute to a positive vitality.

As soon as you bring this jewelry you benefit from the vibrational energies of minerals and enjoy their virtues.

The Beads of the 7 Chakras Will help you Restore and balance the vibration of your 7 chakras, You will finally find a Perfect emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.

Effect of colors on chakras

– 1 Red and root chakra Muladhara chakra

Red stimulates the vital energy, the rooting of the earth, the fact of having feet on earth, the ratio to the concrete, to the material, to the money. It stimulates dynamism. Red warms and promotes circulation and stimulates sexuality. It gives vitality and courage.

– 2 Orange and the sacred chakra Svadhisthana chakra

The second chakra, the sacred chakra is dynamized by the orange. Orange continues to stimulate this vital force by toning the organs, glands and sexual functions. It allows the abandonment of the blocked emotions. A bright orange can encourage to be more positive, more dynamic and more courageous. It promotes good self-esteem and develops the pleasures of the senses.

– 3 The Yellow and the Solar Chakra Manipura chakra

Yellow facilitates digestion and stimulates appetite. It is related to emotions and fears. This colour helps us to radiate the joy of living and the good mood. The solar plexus is the place of concentration and redistribution of energies: it allows us to digest the vital energies of the first chakras, to better redistribute them.

– 4 The Green and the Chakra of the Heart Anahata chakra

Green is a soothing color that transmits: harmony, love, friendship, sympathy. It is a soothing and soothing colour that connects us to nature and opens up to others. The green purifies and regenerates.

– 5 The blue and the chakra of the throat Vishuddha chakra

The blue of the celestial vault provides calm, peace and comfort. It makes the throat irritations and inflammations. It can provide confidence and allow for better expression, better communication.

– 6 The Indigo and the Front Chakra Ajna chakra

Indigo promotes intuition, raising consciousness and concentration. Indigo blue has favorable action on sinusitis, ocular fatigue or headaches.

– 7 Purple and the coronal chakra Sahasrara chakra

Purple awakens the cosmic consciousness. It opens the way to spiritual dimensions, and it issues limitations of consciousness. It brings serenity and delivers fear linked to ignorance.


Reload in the sun or on a quartz cluster like a geode or a piece of Amethyst.


Length of the bracelet: 19 cm (elastic)

Beads diameter: 8 mm

Materials: Semi-precious stones, stone of Hématite 



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