Bracelet braided in Obsidian Celestial Eye

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This bracelet braided in obsidian celestial eye is one of the most powerful talisman.

The Obsidian Celestial Eye is a variety of Obsidian with eye-like reflections. The great possibilities of the Obsidian Celestial Eye make him a true talisman, he is credited with power to repel psychic and occult attacks.

It is also a high spirituality stone and a stone of foresight powerfully activating the 3rdTheye by staring at her eyes. In the form of a ball it even acts remotely in a room, it helps to see hidden things. It is very useful in case of nervous breakdown, it will calm the fear. 

Each pearl is unique, the intensity of its color varies according to the light.

Obsidian Celestial Eye Properties as Protective Stone

Stone repelling the evil eye, and magic, the Obsidian Celestial Eye is a extremely protective stone, among other protective stones, it is even considered the most powerful and rare as the black spinel. It acts as a shield against negative energies and harmful influences. It creates a bulwark around its wearer. The Obsidian Celestial Eye transmutes all negative energies into light, evacuating all "entities" by aligning and purifying all chakras. 

Obsidian Celestial Eye Properties on the physical level

Obsidian Celestial Eye is known to be very effective in treating nervous breakdowns, seizures, hysteria, epilepsy and fear-related anxieties.

Obsidian Celestial Eye Properties mentally and emotionally

It is the stone of introspection; it allows us to get to the bottom of ourselves. 

It would give back enough energy to be able to access the serenity of the mind. It would give more clarity to the intellect, and eliminate confusion. And would be very useful for sensitive people. It would form a shield against negativity.

Obsidian Celestial Eye Properties spiritually

The bearer of this stone will see his aura strengthened and amplified. With its undeniable spiritual potential, it radiates positive and protective energies. She is the ideal companion for a guided meditation on our inner truth.

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Rare and limited bracelet 

  • Chakras: The Obsidian Stone Celestial Eye acts particularly on the Root Chakra.


She loves large clusters of quartz, lunar light, especially in the moon and that of the sun.


  • Avoid wearing it to sleep, can disturb sleep
  • Too powerful for children


  • Materials: Obsidian Semi-Precious Stone Eye Celeste
  • Diameter of pearls: 16 / 18 mm
  • Adjustable length 17 - 21 cm

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