Semi-precious stone necklace

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Physical Properties

The Roche Crystal is naturally neutral, it can be programmed for any kind of healing. Its applications are multiple and amplify all healing processes.

Psycho-emotional properties

The Roche Cristal rebalances the mind and clarifies the thinking.

Energy Properties

The Roche Crystal is originally a neutral stone that can be programmed by the thought, for all kinds of energy uses, of which it will be a powerful amplifier.

Naturally, it realigns the subtle bodies, intensifies the radiation of the auric bodies, lifts the blockages, stimulates and promotes the free movement of vital energy.

Properties Spirits

The rock crystal is a stone of light that promotes foresight and concentration during meditation.

Associated Chakras

The rock crystal can be used for all energy centers, but it acts more specifically on the centers of the solar plexus and the heart. 



♥ Self-confidence and self-acceptance
♥ She brings tenderness and love
♥ It creates calm & interior peace/apaise the heart of sadness
♥ It is the symbol of freedom and love, well represented by its beautiful pink color
♥ It also represents air and breathing.
It helps release knots and blocks in case of stress by laying the stone on the chakra of the heart.

In summary:
Symbolic: calm, inner peace & confidence
+ Represents the 4th chakra: the heart



In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the amethyst is one of the most recognized fine stones for its powerful protective virtues.
♥ Pierre de l' évolution, she develops the spiritual strength: meditation, intuition and concentration are plated.
♥ A positive Peter leads to beautiful thoughts, erases the negative ideas and purifies the aura and places it is.
♥ A protective stone, it blocks negative waves, removes bad people and protects from the wrong eye
♥ Anti-stress helps improve sleep recovery by reducing insomnia and anxiety and improves sleep.
It is said that rubbing a amethyst stone on the face will decrease the aging of the skin.

In summary:
Symbolic: protection, wisdom, meditation, intuition, positivism, anti-stress
+ Represents the 7th Chakra: the crown

Get your necklace too, and Appreciate the benefits of its stone. OFFER LIMITED !!!

String length: 45 + 5 cm adjustable

Stone size: approximately 48 x 27 mm

Semi-precious raw

Each stone is unique. It has its own characteristics of shape and color, which is why it is possible not to receive a part perfectly identical to that of this image.




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