Amethyst Geode


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 Chakra: Coronal
 Hardness: 7
 Deposits: Uruguay, Sri Lanka

 Composition: Silicon Dioxide
 Chemical Formula: SiO2
 Crystal System: Rhombohedral


Amethyst is a Quartz which gets its color from the presence of Iron and Manganese. It is the stone that is most strongly connected to the Energy of the Violet Flame.
The Violet Flame being the Flame of Transmutation, lAmethyst Will Help Anyone Looking To Lift Their Karmic Memories. She will therefore be an excellent companion for Therapists.
In the form of a Geode, this stone provides great protection, harmonizes and purifies the home and crystals after use.

Placed in a room (for adults, too strong for children), it facilitates sleep. With a geode, it will reign a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

In a living room, it will soothe your environment.

A geode in a house should not exceed 10 / 12kg. In a room, do not exceed 5 kilos because it is a source of energy, it may prevent you from sleeping.

This will clean your house, absorb all the negative and deposit positive.

She  brings peace and serenity  and will therefore be recommended when learning Meditation. It significantly calms sleep, brightens dreams and helps make the right decisions. It also removes nightmares and guides to "of the Nights who carry Council ”...

It is the stone par excellence to help in the withdrawal of all addictions and all compulsions (Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Sex, Money ...). It strongly cleanses and detoxifies the bodies:
physical, on the Solar Plexus, for gastric pain (Stomach), moreover it strongly detoxifies the liver and the spleen.
Emotional, on the Solar plexus, reducing anger, hysteria and nervousness.

A true spiritual guide, she embodies and transmits wisdom and humility.

On the 3rd Eye it develops clairvoyance as well as intuition, it reduces Fever and relieves migraines.

The purification of the Amethyst geode is done under a trickle of water regularly or with incense (sage for example).

It is recharged at the new moon (black moon on the calendar). In fall / winter, inside the house, with a window with an open shutter. And in spring / summer, outside.


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