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Magnificent mâlâ necklace in Amazonite stones

This necklace can be worn for its beauty, or used for Tibetan Buddhist prayer, or for your meditation sessions.

The virtues of Amazonite:

amazonite rebalances the magnetic body. It absorbs the waves produced by mobile phones, computers, microwaves and the surrounding polluting waves. It is enough to carry the stone or to place it near the radiant elements so that the magnetic field is rebalanced.

On the physical level:amazonite promotes relaxation, rebalances sleep and relieves muscle tension in the back and neck. It is very suitable for pregnant women.

Emotionally and mentally:amazonite purifies the affective area  and helps eliminate suffering due to separation, significant stress... It allows you to express your emotions when faced with a situation in which you feel deeply involved. It releases guilt and gives a feeling of freedom.

On the spiritual level:amazonite is the stone of yin and femininity. It becomes very powerful when it manifests what it must reveal in us. Like the force of the ocean whose energy it carries,amazonite materializes our inner revelations, always remaining sincere and humble in its action.

Placed on the heart chakra:theamazonite brings tenderness and happiness  by spreading a harmonious climate. On the throat chakra, it rebalances the physical, mental and spiritual bodies and brings a soft feeling of freedom.

Amazonite is the stone of artists because it has the ability to unleash imagination and creativity. It is also the stone of lovers because it strengthens the life of a couple and makes them happier.


Add to this necklace this beautiful bracelet from Amazonite

Characteristics :

  • Materials: Amazonite stones
  • Length: about 1 M

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