Crystal lotus in different colors

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Crystal lotus

In Fengshui, crystal lotus is a very useful object. Send positive energy Because crystal is a detecting element, it represents the well-being of the earth mother. 
These ones hereLotus also has a strong romantic atmosphere. They induce Good luckFor those who want to be romantic and tolerant 
But also in Wealth and business success, health and protection.
The meaning of lotus


Lotus, which is called "Lotus" in Chinese The universal symbol of purity and illuminationLotus is regarded as a lucky flower by many geomantic masters. It means bad luck and increases your sense of happiness and peace. In Chinese customs, the word "Lotus" is considered as a continuous word, which is consistent with the image of a baby. Because lotus leaves protect fish, fish protect fishThe lotus is believed to be rich and symbolizes the happiness of generations. One of the eight immortal priests is the lotus. The lotus is a symbol of family and marriage luck.

The beautiful spray of lotus flowers from mud and muddy water means Overcoming obstacles in lifeThis shows that even in the darkest and darkest conditions, bad things can become beautiful and pure. It inspires those who can get away from misfortune and pain, and if they have a pure and sincere heart, they may rise and flourish.

Lotus is also a part of Buddhism. Buddhists say that lotus has four virtues: smell, purity, sweetness and beauty.

If you are looking for an ideal partner, put lotus flower in your romantic space to symbolize a perfect combination.

Here's how you can use crystal lotus to improve your life

  • 1.Display transparent crystal lotus in your living room, family space, table and workplace to improve your well-being and luck. Lotus also reminds you that if your mind solves all the difficult situations, you will leave safely.


  • 2.Put a clear crystal lotus in your living room or bedroom to improve the harmonious atmosphere of your home and avoid quarrels within the family. The lotus will release wonders to cultivate a quieter mind and mind and improve the relationship between family members.


  • 3.Put clear lotus crystal beside the window of your living room to catch the sunshine of the morning and reflect it in a beautiful energy "Yang" rainbow to purify the air around you and bring great luck to your home.

How to choose a color?

green This is the color of balance. It is the core of rainbow ghost. A green crystal is generally used to balance our energy, bring stability, increase love and sympathy. As the color of nature, it brings peace and harmony.

blue Generally speaking, it is to increase career opportunities, business, financial and leadership quality. It also awakens intuition and promotes loneliness.

yellowGenerally speaking, it's to encourage optimism, help you through change, help your memory, stimulate your will and improve your attention. It also helps you feel happy.

violetColor crystal has the ability to attract and focus wisdom, which can improve the wisdom of the house / office.

RoseCan help people pursue and grasp love. They can improve personal relationships.

Red WineIt represents the original nature and purity of the heart. This is the lotus of love, compassion, passion and all other qualities of the heart.

this MuTiAndLuoyesThe rainbow of all colors between the fragrance alliance. It brings balance and peace.

TransparentThis color is the perfect mental state and the complete spiritual purity.


  • Material: K9 crystal
  • Size: 80mm × 50mm
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