Mala en Obsidienne / Tiger eye of your Chinese zodiac sign

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This Luminous Mâlâ is decorated with a superb shining phosphorescent pearlengraved in gold on one side with your zodiac sign and on the other side of the Chinese character.

This beautiful mala bracelet is beautiful during the day and striking at night.

On top of that, it makes you benefit from the powers of stones.

The benefits of Obsidian in Lithotherapy:

Obsidian is a stone that protects and helps fight negative ideas. In esotericism she thus repels the evil eye and malicious people.

 In lithotherapy, it would limit certain joint pain and stress. Obsidian brings some mental balance, offering strength and courage allowing you to feel liberated.

 Finally, obsidian allows you toraise to a high spiritual level.

Some benefits of the Tiger Eye Stone:

Eye of tiger, protective stone reflects the negative  to its transmitter. It's here protective stone par excellence  negative influences and against black magic.

What is Mâlâ?

It is a rosary worn as a necklace or multi-turn bracelet. He is of great help, especially during moments of prayer and mediation. Each pearl representsa repetition of the mantra.It is also composed of a larger pearl, different from the others which is called the Meru (Mount Meru is a mythical and sacred mountain considered to be the Mount of the Universe).

Why is it made up of 108 pearls?

108 is thereforea sacred numberwhose explanations are multiple and different depending on the country, beliefs etc ...

The symbolism of figures

    Each of the numbers represents something special.

    • 1 : God or Unity;
    • 0 : the emptiness or the accomplishment of spiritual practice;
    • 8 : infinity or eternity.

    What is your sign?


    • Obsidian Stone and Tiger Eye
    • Pearl size: 6mm
    • Phosphorescent pearl: 8 mm
    • Length: 70 cm

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