Collar - pendant 7 chakras

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This beautiful necklace made of stones with special energy properties for Subtly change the life of the wearer and improved his health.

L'negative energy leaves its wearer and gets trapped in that necklace.

The positive energy then emanates from each of the stonest rebalances the chakras.

From bottom to top:

  • Chakra or root chakra: The color of this chakra is red. It is located at the base of the spine. It represents thestabilizing, rooting energy. This is the self-confidence and wisdom. If it is weak it results in anxieties.

  • Chakra, creative chakra (also No.Sexual Chakra: The color of this chakra is orange. It is located 5 to 10 cm below the navel. It influences the adrenal glands. It relates to creative faculties, inspiration. If it is weak it results in jealousy, some isolation.

  • Chakra or chakra of accomplishment : The color of this chakra is yellow. It is located on the solar plexus. It influences metabolism and vital energy, and regulates the flow of psychological and emotional energy (we say green of fear!). It relates to the ability to complete, to accomplish. It's peace and satisfaction.

  • Chakra or chakra of the heart. The color of this chakra is green. It is located under the sternum, above the heart. It relates to self-acceptance, others and situations. It represents effortless service, generosity, romance and LOVE. It's Courage and security.

  • Chakra or throat chakra: The color of this chakra is blue. It relates to the "give-receive" cycle and the Communication with others. It's our deep personality. The more we are fulfilled, the more this chakra radiates.

  • Chakra or the Third Eye:the color of this chakra is indigo. It is located on the eyebrow arch and placed slightly above and between the eyebrows. It relates to the vision of reality, intuition, the ability to discriminate and choose its options. It's Forgiveness.

  • Chakra or crown chakra : The color of this chakra is purple. It is located at the top of the skull and corresponds to the ability to bring ideas from the abstract world to the concrete form (it's the halo of the Saints). This is the Consciousness.

Pendant size: about 8 Cm

Length of necklace: about 50 cm - 5 cm




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