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Each stone weighs around 110g, discover the benefits of each one.

The Wellbeing of Kambala Jasper:
Kambaba Jasper is a sedimentary stone composed of silicate and inclusions of fossilized algae.
It brings the peace, peace of mind and helps to let go.
Kambaba jasper  promotes sleep  deep and peaceful.
This stone supports people whose hearts have been hurt by emotional rejection or abandonment. It then makes it possible to get out of the emotional darkness and to better manage the situation.
Stone of the root chakra and the heart chakra.

The well being of Labradorite:

Labradorite is a highly protective stone: like a sponge, it absorbs and dissolves negative energies.
 Raised awareness and brought into contact with universal energies.
 This stone stimulates intuition, builds self-confidence and drives away fears  and insecurities. Labradorite intensifies the gift of pleasing others.

The well being of Blue Calcite:
 Anti-stress and Expression
 Blue Calcite is, par excellence, thean anti-stress stone  which brings you a deep serenity  to approach any event, by listening to yourself and your environment. She refocuses you, giving you the energy you need to speak. It promotes your expression in conveying peace. By relaxing your nervous system, it pallows you to have a refreshing and deep sleep. It is recommended for exams.


The well-being of rose quartz:
 Unconditional love and compassion

A love stone, the Starry Pink Quartz strengthens the bond that exists between all things. he  brings sweetness, tenderness and compassion, and helps you heal  your grief and your emotional wounds, conscious or not. he brings inner cohesion  which allows you to contact this part of yourself which has such a hard time making its way through the constraints of everyday life: love.

Rose quartz is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra.


The well-being of rock crystal:


Purity and clarification


Rock crystal is a  powerful amplifier, it can therefore be used in combination with all crystals and on all chakras.
Promotes concentration and unlocks memory. It lights up the dark areas of your life and has youidea to become aware of what is not doing you good  (relationships, places, food, habits, etc.). By its simple radiation, it helps to diffuse light without rigidity. So it encourages you to develop a deep tolerance.

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