Extremely rare sphere made of real celestial eye obsidian stone

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Rare item !! large celestial eye obsidian sphere + as a gift a support


The Obsidian Celestial Eye or Rainbow is by far, the most powerful of all obsidians. It is called rainbow, because it takes on reflections that make us think of the colors of this magnificent phenomenon.
 It is called the Celestial Eye when it is cut into a sphere, and its concentric colored layers form an Eye.
 Passing successively from Violet to Blue to Yellow to Orange ... she is a very deep link with Mother Earth but she always keeps an Eye turned towards the Celestial Vault ... It is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Layer after layer, step by step, it opens up a much broader vision of ourselves. Although it is a Black stone, it can be used from theBasedat the Crown Chakra.

In Meditation, it is a real Guide  in our incarnation because it will lift the veil, put Light on a lot of events, fears, blockages linked to our Karmic Memories. It strengthens our conviction and helps us make the right decisions so that our Future is fair.

 When the time is right for you, it will enter your Life. More than any other, it is to be used after a long and initiatory learning.

 Note: In recent years we have seen Obsidian Eye Heaven whose colored layers seem to be mixed. These Obsidians are called Mentogochol; they were born from a seismic shock which simply "mixed" the colors as a brushstroke would have done in the middle of several paintings ...

Do not forget that this Obsidian Eye Celeste is above all an Obsidian

 The Obsidian is a stone that has different and remarkable varieties. Whether black, speckled, golden, celestial, lamellate ... they all have common properties which are those of the black obsidian with which we will begin. We will see in detail then, in order of increasing Power, some varieties of this Magnificent Stone.

The Obsidian is a Stone of Truth.  She invites us to go on a great introspective journey by delivering us a Pure Inner Vision of ourselves, far from all lies. It is more than recommended to Work gradually with Obsidians because we are not always ready to welcome what they will show us about Us. If this is the case, we can easily switch to sadness, melancholy or even depression. For all these reasons, it is not recommended for people in the midst of depression and for children, because for the latter, it is a Stone too strong.
 Thus, you will understand, with Obsidians it is necessary to be initiated, to be guided at its beginnings, by a Therapist or an Initiated Person. Start by working with the weaker varieties, then gradually meet the more powerful.

 After a big session with an obsidian, think of regenerating yourself in the Sun, in the middle of Nature if the Weather allows it, or by using for a few minutes a brighter Stone like a Kunzite, an Apophyllite or a Quartz or a Druse Amethyst.

 The Obsidian is a Stone ofBasedstrong and, like a shield, it is very effective in repelling low energies, especially relational. So it will be of great help to us when we decide to purify certain relationships, to cut bridges that we no longer deem useful to maintain.

 Affixed on the 3rd Eye, it puts concrete into our lives, into our minds, it greatly increases concentration.

The eyes are perfectly visible on both sides and very sharp.

Two small notches are visible on the side of one side, they are not shock marks but small holes in the original stone.

Weight: 2.500 g approximately


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