Bottle with healing stone "Elixir de Cristal"

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You can now create your own crystal elixir water with this glass bottle and its natural stone.

Add fruit or others to bring natural flavors and nutrients directly to your water.
You can also add ice cubes to the container while you drink to cool off on hot summer days.
Ideal for everyday life: work, car, yoga, sport, meditation / relaxation session, ...
This elegant glass bottle has a stainless steel support and a removable natural stone.
Respectful of the environment, it helps you stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste.

Pure non-toxic product, which is guaranteed:

  • BPA free
  • Borosilicate glass bottle
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Unleaded
  • reusable
Whether you believe in the powers of stones or not, this bottle is a Must  (we cannot deny the benefits and the power that the stones release).
You will start to appreciate the benefits of consuming crystallized water  very quickly (water less heavy in taste) and especially this one, will be charged with crystal energy  All day long.

These beautiful stones, when combined with water, produce an elixir that promotes rejuvenation and clarification of body and mind. Introduce purification and positivity into your daily life.

How to choose the stone that suits you best?
The Rose quartz:  Say the mother stone. It helps promote forgiveness  and la communication. She  invite love and compassion  in your life.
The Smoky quartz: Pierre d 'rooting, relaxation, power and protection. Its essences are perfect for the more ambitious, and are known for relieve anxiety.
Amethyst:  Known for a soothing stone, she favorite lcalm, intuition and creativity. Effective for your mental health, it helps to find a balance  patience and a inner peace  by stabilizing emotions. In essence, that improves stress, insomnia and mood.
The'Obsidian: Pierre de most powerful protection. Its elixir frees  a strength  allowing you to move forward and make your projects a reality.
White Quartz:  Known as the healing stone. She improves concentration, clarity of mind  and develop wisdom. Ideal for amplifying the effects of other minerals. Its elixir promotesenergy, positivity and healing.
Fluorite:  This stone bring peace and protection, it helps during meditation. used for healing, fluorite absorbs all negative energies and stresses.
  • Stone: Amethyst, Fluorite, Black Obsidian, Crystal Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Pink Quartz
  • Bottle height: about 240mm
  • Net weight: about 500g
  • Crystal shape: hexagonal prism
  • Crystal tip length: about 80-90mm
  • Its energy is emitted by the upper point of the crystal, forming a powerful energy field from the central point, like a vortex.



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